Arpeggio Pattern

arpeggio pattern arpeggio pattern

Android 4.4+ Available on Google play


* Fingering assistance
* Sound playback (Example four-bar chord progressions)
* Tempo control
* 15 arpeggio patterns
* Free

Arpeggio may sound complicated, but it actually is much simpler than you imagine.

As you can see in the screenshots, there is no complex description involved. All information you need to know is just two simple tables with a few words of comments.

After quick reading of the description, tap the playback button at the bottom right of the screen. Then, you will notice how simple it is :)

version history

ver 1.3.0
* added playback tempo control
* changed color assignment to emphasize the important points

ver 1.2.0
* added fingering assistance
* added up-down control to the pattern selection button
* added 2 more patterns
* changed pattern order

ver 1.1.1
* minor fixes and improvements

ver 1.1.0
* added some localized assets
* minor fixes and improvements

ver 1.0.4
* added five more patterns

ver 1.0.3
* adjusted sound sync logic to reduce latency
* changed stereo sounds to mono

ver 1.0.1, ver 1.0.2
* changed audio setting
* changed visual assets